Join SMNA!

Dear Neighbor:

Please consider re-joining Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association for only $20. We are in the process of putting a PayPal button on this website. But meanwhile, please do write a check for one year's dues - $20 (and/or make and additional contribution to a specific program) and send to the address below.

Pete Martin is our new membership chair and will be tracking your donations and I will be cashing your checks promptly.

Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association
Post Office Box 6449
San Rafael, CA 94903

Our vision is Community That Works for Everyone!
Together We Are Better!

Please support our community activities for Health, Safety and Beauty:

There are LOTS of issues in the works for 2013 including SMART train station Area Planning, the East/West Softball Game/Picnic, the new Emergency Operations Center, new home for the Farmers Market?, North San Rafael Promenade, annual member meeting for election of officers & directors; and many others...

Our goals are:

I hope the coming New Year brings all you want most,


Carolyn Lenert
President 2008-2016
Santa Margarita Neighborhood Association